Numac lends expertise to R&D process for optimum results

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operatorNumac has recently completed successful final testing of a brand-new component that the team has helped to develop at every step since the early drawings.

The client turned to Numac when other suppliers were unable to deliver the desired improvements to the existing product. The goal was to create an Inconel seal ring for a sub-sea Christmas tree in place of the composite versions already in use, with the aim of increasing their longevity and cutting down on the maintenance required.

The challenge

Many of the components manufactured by Numac are intended to be deployed in highly challenging, hostile environments, such as within sub-sea applications in the oil and gas industry. The company understands how catastrophic, as well as costly, failure or damage under these circumstances can be, and has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimum reliability and performance.

In this case, the involvement of Numac from the start meant that not only was the end product of the highest possible quality – drawing on the specialist expertise of both parties – but the process was streamlined for maximum efficiency with no waste of time or money on unnecessary discussions, amendments and delays.

Efficiency without compromise

The drawings were supplied to Numac for the company’s insights on manufacturing issues ahead of work on the prototype beginning. Once complete, the prototype was returned to the customer for testing and verification of exact measurements. Further machining to meet these was followed by additional rigorous testing by the client. When all standards were absolutely satisfied, Numac applied the final coating and returned the new product to the customer for one last round of testing.

At every stage, the focus was maintained on efficient manufacturing without compromise on the precision needed to meet the product specifications. This was achieved throughout the research and development of the seal ring because of the shared knowledge and close working relationship between the customer and the team at Numac.

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