Investments Lead to Enhanced Accuracy & Efficiency

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Quality & efficiency are two central priorities when it comes to Numac’s shop floor operations. That is why the decision to invest in the new Venture Plus Vision System was an easy one to make.

The new system which will enhance Numac’s testing & inspection facilities, uses a state of the art multi sensing vision system to perform highly accurate (down to 0.5µ) quality inspections .

Furthermore, because the Venture Plus is CNC controlled, it’s activity is highly automated, thus freeing up the operator to liaise more closely with the shop floor, ensuring a more streamlined & efficient process.

“We are delighted with this new addition to our facility  as in addition to improving the efficiency of our processes, it also delivers direct benefits to customers” Explains Andy McLaren MD at Numac Engineering .

Key customer benefits delivered by the Baty Venture Plus Vision System are:

  • Enhanced accuracy on inspection down to 0.5µ
  • Improved dimensional reporting
  • Availability of full dimensional drawings of the actual part being analysed


“We are particularly excited about the new facility to offer customers full dimensional drawings of the actual part being manufactured. This will now be available on request to all customers” continues Andy “Thus allowing decisions to be made based on 100% accurate information”

A further benefit of the investment is to improve the efficiency of highly skilled shop floor engineers.

In the current climate, where recruiting skilled employees is a challenge, the new inspection systems will result in efficiency savings equivalent to an additional machine operator, further enhancing our ability to deliver for our clients.

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