Investments in Skills & Technology Pay Dividends

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Anyone who has been following Numac Engineering’s progress recently will be in no doubt of their commitment to investment for the future, with over £0.5 million invested in new machinery & inspection technologies over the past 2 years!

But they also recognise that technology is only part of the equation, being useless if the company does not have the skills to make efficient use of it. With this in mind, apprenticeships have always played a big part in the HR programme within Numac.

The company has had some great apprentices over the years, with this year’s apprentice Tom Bullock receiving the Programme LED Apprentice award from Tameside College.

“As an engineer myself I have always recognised the importance of a skilled workforce.” Explains Andy McLaren MD at Numac. “These skills take time to develop so apprenticeships are the perfect tool to deliver them. It is a credit to Tom that he has received this award, and our customers will definitely benefit from his skills as Tom’s career develops.”

Numac run a 5 year apprenticeship in partnership with Skills Solutions and Tameside College. At the end of this, the majority of apprentices are offered a permanent contract with the company.

“I have lost count of the members of our workforce who joined us as an apprentice, but it has proved an excellent way of creating a strong and stable team within the organisation.” continues Andy.

The company’s order book demonstrates that this strength and stability has not gone un-noticed by Numac’s customers, many of whom are world leaders in the field of oil & gas engineering, resulting in a record order book currently stretching out to 2015.

Our philosophy is simple:

“Long term planning & investment in both skills and technology are key to delivering results. Our commitment to skills development, coupled with strategic long term investment plans, mean that we are perfectly positioned to provide our customers with the highest quality of product, both now and into the future. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency.”

Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

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