Flexible Arrangements – Maximises Supply Chain Efficiency

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Using world class engineering skills to deliver top quality components for clients is central to the culture at Numac Engineering.

Numac also focus on developing a lean and flexible manufacturing process, and for one customer this allowed them to cut costs by outsourcing the uncertainties in their supply chain.

The customer (a major player in the hydraulics industry) needed to be able to guarantee the supply of components without the need to tool up internally for every eventuality. They also needed to do this without any compromise to the quality and efficiency of their supply chain.

Offering the customer the facility to buy a fixed number of hours on NUMAC Machines, rather than the more normal sub contract arrangement to supply a number of components at a fixed unit price, delivered this flexibility. Guaranteeing capacity as and when it was needed.

So how does it work?

On a weekly basis the customer buys a set number of hours from Numac.

On a daily basis, Numac visits the customer to collect any required work. This is then processed within 48hrs and returned to the customer.

It’s that simple!

The benefit to the customer

The result is that the customer knows that any components needing machining will be available as finished items within 48 hrs, irrespective of their own internal capacity.

Furthermore the number of hours required can be forecast & bought as needed at short notice.

“Although this in not the way we have worked in the past, it meets the customers needs better than traditional sub contract arrangements, and thus we are happy to oblige” explained Andy McLaren at Numac. “Our skill is in delivering high quality components efficiently & cost effectively. We are happy to apply this skill in the manner most suited to an individual customer requirement.”

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