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Numac Delivers Whatever the Project

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Numac Engineering is continually growing and developing, investing in the latest technology to stay one step ahead of industry needs. Yet the service the team offers remains as personalised to every individual client and project as on the day Numac welcomed its first customer 25 years ago.

nov-email-1Although the spectrum of what Numac can provide has never been greater, whatever a client’s requirements – whatever the material, the size of the components or the volume of the batch wanted – Numac can deliver a high-quality tailored solution.

Whatever the material

As well as extensive experience and knowledge of using common materials such as stainless steel of all grades, Numac has increasingly been working with clients to produce specialist, low-volume components in highly exotic materials, including titanium, Hastelloy and nickel alloys such as Incoloy. Given Numac’s highly successful track record with these projects, the team is confident that if anyone can machine it, they can – and they would be delighted to assist with requests for components in any material of this nature.

Leading technology

Requirements for specialist projects of this nature inherently call for manufacturing in low volumes, sometimes only one or two pieces. The ability to deliver small batches of this kind demands high levels of quality control, skill and efficiency. Numac has already invested heavily in the technology, specifically CNC equipment and machine tools from the globally renowned Mazak brand, and the development of production techniques to ensure this is achieved every time. Of course, batches of all sizes, including very high volumes, benefit from these state-of-the-art facilities and ultra-efficient processes.

nov-email-2Large or small

Numac’s superior machine range allows the creation of components in the full size spectrum from just 6mm to 600mm, and anywhere in between.

Components manufactured by Numac are frequently deployed in very challenging, hostile environments, such as in sub-sea applications in the oil and gas industry. Failure or damage under these circumstances can be catastrophic as well as extremely costly, so quality is always at the forefront of Numac’s work, whatever field the project is destined for. Numac is certified to ISO9001:2008 and exacting standards remain paramount within every individual job, on any scale.

Tailored service

Numac is proud to have the processes, equipment and expertise to be able to offer a personalised and flexible service whilst completing all projects at the same optimum level. Depending on what is needed, the team can take total responsibility for the manufacture of components, work alongside the client to establish and deliver to customised specifications, and work with specially selected expert sub-contractors to manage an entire project in the most efficient way possible.

Flexible Arrangements – Maximises Supply Chain Efficiency

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Using world class engineering skills to deliver top quality components for clients is central to the culture at Numac Engineering.

Numac also focus on developing a lean and flexible manufacturing process, and for one customer this allowed them to cut costs by outsourcing the uncertainties in their supply chain.

The customer (a major player in the hydraulics industry) needed to be able to guarantee the supply of components without the need to tool up internally for every eventuality. They also needed to do this without any compromise to the quality and efficiency of their supply chain.

Offering the customer the facility to buy a fixed number of hours on NUMAC Machines, rather than the more normal sub contract arrangement to supply a number of components at a fixed unit price, delivered this flexibility. Guaranteeing capacity as and when it was needed.

So how does it work?

On a weekly basis the customer buys a set number of hours from Numac.

On a daily basis, Numac visits the customer to collect any required work. This is then processed within 48hrs and returned to the customer.

It’s that simple!

The benefit to the customer

The result is that the customer knows that any components needing machining will be available as finished items within 48 hrs, irrespective of their own internal capacity.

Furthermore the number of hours required can be forecast & bought as needed at short notice.

“Although this in not the way we have worked in the past, it meets the customers needs better than traditional sub contract arrangements, and thus we are happy to oblige” explained Andy McLaren at Numac. “Our skill is in delivering high quality components efficiently & cost effectively. We are happy to apply this skill in the manner most suited to an individual customer requirement.”

Numac Bring Fresh Commitment to Environmental & Quality Management

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Nobody can ignore the impact on the economy over the past 18 months, but despite this Numac is now bucking the trend. We’re back to a pre-recession workload, being busier than ever and continually growing. Furthermore, we have expanded our capacity with a new regular night shift.

In difficult economic times successful companies focus on their core strengths, using resources to develop systems & processes to maximise competitiveness. Over the past 18 months we have done just this, in particular focusing on the areas of quality & environmental governance through our continued commitment to the ISO 9001 standard, and a renewed emphasis on the ISO14001 environmental standard.

In order to re-enforce this commitment and to focus on our environmental performance, we are delighted to welcome our new Quality, Heath and Safety Environmental Manager, Mark Cooper.

Mark has been a committed engineer throughout his career. Having started as an apprentice, he has worked his way through the ranks at some world class manufacturing organisations including the likes of British Aerospace, culminating in his achieving his DBA.

“We are delighted to welcome Mark on board” commented Andrew McLaren , MD at Numac Engineering. “The skills & experience that he brings to the organisation will ensure our ongoing commitment to delivering quality. He will also bring new disciplines to the organisation in the area of environmental governance.”

With significant involvement in environmentally sensitive areas like Petrochemical & Nuclear industries, minimising our impact on the environment is key to our continued success. To this end, and with Mark’s assistance we are aiming to achieve the ISO14001 Environmental certification in 2011.

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Numac Expand Production & Invest in New Capacity

Even in what is seen as a difficult time for UK manufacturing, Numac are investing to maintain their efficient state of the art manufacturing facility in the North West of England.

As part of this programme, Numac have recently invested over £100K on a new state of the art Y axis mill turn machine.

new_machineThe Mazak Nexus 250 MY was installed & commissioned earlier this year, increasing capacity and reducing bottlenecks in their already world class machine shop.

Coupled with other efficiency boosting processes such as offline programming and automated tool management, the new tool (which combines both milling and turning processes into one procedure) reduces setup times further improving flexibility and efficiency and reducing lead times.

Full details of the capabilities of this new machine can be found on the Mazak website.

You will also find further details of Numac’s experience on their website:

The new machine will help to fulfil requirements of  existing clients including Dresser Valves & Weir Group as well as freeing up capacity for new projects.

“We always have the idea of delivering maximum quality & value to our customers” Explained Andy, “And it is with this in mind that we have made this latest investment. It will allow us to be more reactive to customer requirements, and deliver a truly competitive service without compromising on quality.”

In addition to the installation of the new machine tool, Numac have also recently expanded their capacity by introducing a night shift to cater for recent increased demand for their services.

“In difficult economic times, focus must be on delivering customer requirements efficiently, right first time. These recent investments in both staff and capacity will help us to continue to deliver”

Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd