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Numac lends expertise to R&D process for optimum results

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

operatorNumac has recently completed successful final testing of a brand-new component that the team has helped to develop at every step since the early drawings.

The client turned to Numac when other suppliers were unable to deliver the desired improvements to the existing product. The goal was to create an Inconel seal ring for a sub-sea Christmas tree in place of the composite versions already in use, with the aim of increasing their longevity and cutting down on the maintenance required.

The challenge

Many of the components manufactured by Numac are intended to be deployed in highly challenging, hostile environments, such as within sub-sea applications in the oil and gas industry. The company understands how catastrophic, as well as costly, failure or damage under these circumstances can be, and has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimum reliability and performance.

In this case, the involvement of Numac from the start meant that not only was the end product of the highest possible quality – drawing on the specialist expertise of both parties – but the process was streamlined for maximum efficiency with no waste of time or money on unnecessary discussions, amendments and delays.

Efficiency without compromise

The drawings were supplied to Numac for the company’s insights on manufacturing issues ahead of work on the prototype beginning. Once complete, the prototype was returned to the customer for testing and verification of exact measurements. Further machining to meet these was followed by additional rigorous testing by the client. When all standards were absolutely satisfied, Numac applied the final coating and returned the new product to the customer for one last round of testing.

At every stage, the focus was maintained on efficient manufacturing without compromise on the precision needed to meet the product specifications. This was achieved throughout the research and development of the seal ring because of the shared knowledge and close working relationship between the customer and the team at Numac.

Numac Invests for the Future

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

prod_office_1At a difficult time for the oil & gas industry, many businesses in the sector are struggling just to keep going. But at Numac’s Northern England base, the company is continuing to build for the future, looking ahead not with trepidation but ambitious plans for expansion.

New improved facilities

Numac has just completed the creation of a new production office at its Cheshire site, as Phase 1 of a wider investment in its facilities. The space has been designed to provide an improved working environment for staff and better integration between office-based processes and the shop floor to maximise efficiency.

Moving forward

Phase 2 will be achieved over the next two years, with important groundwork already in place. Numac has signed off on the purchase of land adjacent to the current facility, with the intention of expanding the shop floor by 50%, providing a significant increase in capacity.

Investment in facilities will also enable Numac to extend its highly successful apprenticeship schemes, which have been developed over the past decade to deliver cutting-edge on-site training that benefits recruits, the company and clients alike. Half of the firm’s current workforce joined through this route, which ensures they have the specialist technical expertise and understanding of Numac’s principles to operate to the very highest standards.

Prod_office_2Fully prepared

The team at Numac is confident that by acting now, it maintains its long-term investment plans and will be ideally placed to meet the needs of clients whatever the industry climate.

Managing Director Andrew McLaren says: “Although the oil & gas industry is in the middle of a tough time economically, we are confident in the future, and feel this is the right time to invest, ensuring that we are ready and able to fulfil our customers’ requirements as things start to pick up in the coming months and years.”

Numac Continues to Invest in People and Machinery

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

feb15These are difficult times for the oil & gas industry. Everyone has read the headlines about falling oil prices, and heard the political debates about the UK’s dependence on different energy sources, which are growing louder in the run-up to the General Election. Those within the sector are seeing the supply chain being squeezed amid fears of an uncertain future.

Against this global and national backdrop, Numac is continuing to strengthen its own offering, building on solid foundations with further investment in its facilities, machinery and people.

Technology for the future

The company has recently taken possession of a key new piece of equipment – a high-performance, large-capacity Bridgeport Hardinge XR 1000 vertical machining centre. This quality, robust machine boasts cutting-edge spindle technology, giving optimum power and reliability to machine the toughest materials. It replaces Numac’s 15-year-old equivalent and ensures that the companies machining capacity is kept bang up to date, ensuring reliably and efficiency at higher volumes and top quality that the company calls for.


New apprentice Josh Malpus

Building the team

Numac is also delighted to be welcoming our new apprentice Josh Malpus onto the team this month, marking the continuation of the hugely successful modern apprenticeship scheme it has run over the past decade. This is an integral part of the company’s ongoing investment in people and has brought great benefits.

It is 20 years since Numac took on its first apprentice, and now half of the firm’s workforce started out in this way. First-class on-site training and experience using Numac’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities gives these engineers both top-level, specialist technical expertise and an unparalleled understanding of the company’s work and standards.

Expansion plans

Numac’s management team is currently finalising plans for further significant investment in a new production office over the next six months. With the overall performance and offering of the company always at the forefront, this move is intended to improve integration between the production office and shop floor.


Numac Delivers Complete Package for Leading Vacuum Pump Company

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

busch_pump_shaft_photo_smNumac is proud to have been able to deliver a complete solution in its provision of pump shafts for a leading international pump manufacturer, producing the highest quality components alongside improved efficiency and cost reductions.

One-stop solution

The client has a strong global presence, manufacturing vacuum pumps and systems for a vast range of industries and applications from medical and packaging to automation and the energy sector. The company turned to Numac when it had a need for a family of stainless steel pump shafts. Numac’s specialist expertise and experience in the field meant it could take care of every element of this requirement, taking on production of the entire family of components and managing all the specifications and drawings.

Optimum results for every client

Numac assuming responsibility for the project in this manner allowed the whole process to be streamlined, cutting out the time and effort wasted in going back and forth between different suppliers, and ensuring total consistency of approach and quality. The client has built an impressive reputation on offering the optimum design for the needs of every individual customer, and had the complete assurance in working with Numac of knowing its high skills level, ethos and standards were shared.

Greater efficiency, lower costs

With Numac managing production of each component within the family, the client can draw on the exact combination required at any given time, receiving mixed batches as required without incurring waste or additional cost.

This increased efficiency across the board means exceptional results can be achieved at lower costs, which in turn makes increased volumes more economical.

A Case Study – Sub Sea Hydraulic Components

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

The Challenge

sub-sea_1Numac’s client (a major player in the oil & gas industry) had a requirement for a series of components for use on sub-sea hydraulic systems.

The components which were significantly smaller than many of the items handled by Numac still needed to be manufactured to exacting standards. Add to this the fact that the items were manufactured from Inconel, and would be required from 1 offs through to batches of multiple hundreds, has the project calling on all Numac’s manufacturing and process management skills.

The Process

Numac Engineering was happy to take on this responsibility, and undertook the manufacturing of the components .

The range components consisting of ten different parts require precision machining and finishing to the highest standards to allow the onsite butt welding of the components into the wider hydraulic systems on site.

Given the harsh environments into which the components were being installed, joints & weld faces needed to be machined to exacting standards in order to ensure that onsite welding processes  were trouble free when the components are installed.

sub-sea_2The result

Deliveries of the families of parts commenced earlier this summer, and the client is now able to call off batches as they require for delivery across the globe. With the flexibility of supply being handled by Numac Engineering

Furthermore, Numac’s experience and quality control expertise ensured that the quality of the finished item was first class, whilst at the same time ensuring that components were available as and when the client required them thus simplifying the supply process.

Following the first deliveries, the client has now made commitments to deliveries into 2014 and beyond.

Our philosophy is simple:

“In these prolonged difficult economic times, Numac continues to succeed and invest in the latest technology and in the skills of our staff to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality of product. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency. This case demonstrates that this philosophy delivers real benefits to our customers.”

Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

A Case Study – Well Head Connector Pin for the Oil & Gas Industry

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

challengeThe Challenge
Numac’s client (a major player in the oil & gas industry) had a requirement for a series of well head connector pins for use on wells across the globe.

The pin needed to be manufactured to exacting standards & capable of withstanding the harsh environments associated with the industry. Furthermore although the manufacture of the component required a number of specialist manufacturing processes, the client wanted one organisation to take total responsibility for the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

The Process
Numac Engineering was happy to take on this responsibility, and undertook the manufacturing of the component as follows:

Starting with an AISI 4140 Chromium-Molybdenum low alloy steel billet the manufacturing process had 6 key stages:

1.    Initial machining of the component
2.    Application of a Hard Chrome Plate – External Process
3.    Grinding
4.    Application of a phosphate coating – External Process
5.    Finishing
6.    Quality Checks/Packaging

Stages 1, 3, 5 and 6 are carried out directly by Numac, with stages 2 and 4 being outsourced to specialist partners, with Numac taking responsibility for managing the entire process including the external operations, and managing the quality throughout.

The Result
By subcontracting specialist processes to trusted partners, Numac are able to ensure that all steps in the process were carried out by experts, whilst at the same time ensuring that the efficiency of the process was maximised.

Furthermore, Numac’s experience and quality control expertise ensured that this approach did not compromise the quality of the finished item whilst at the same time simplifying the buying process for their client by offering only one point of contact in the supply chain.

Following the first delivery late last year, this approach and the resulting high quality of the components delivered has given the client the confidence to commit to an order for regular deliveries until 2015.



Our philosophy is simple:

“In these prolonged difficult economic times, Numac continues to succeed and invest in the latest technology and in the skills of our staff to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality of product. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency. This case demonstrates that this philosophy delivers real benefits to our customers.”


Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

Investments in Skills & Technology Pay Dividends

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Anyone who has been following Numac Engineering’s progress recently will be in no doubt of their commitment to investment for the future, with over £0.5 million invested in new machinery & inspection technologies over the past 2 years!

But they also recognise that technology is only part of the equation, being useless if the company does not have the skills to make efficient use of it. With this in mind, apprenticeships have always played a big part in the HR programme within Numac.

The company has had some great apprentices over the years, with this year’s apprentice Tom Bullock receiving the Programme LED Apprentice award from Tameside College.

“As an engineer myself I have always recognised the importance of a skilled workforce.” Explains Andy McLaren MD at Numac. “These skills take time to develop so apprenticeships are the perfect tool to deliver them. It is a credit to Tom that he has received this award, and our customers will definitely benefit from his skills as Tom’s career develops.”

Numac run a 5 year apprenticeship in partnership with Skills Solutions and Tameside College. At the end of this, the majority of apprentices are offered a permanent contract with the company.

“I have lost count of the members of our workforce who joined us as an apprentice, but it has proved an excellent way of creating a strong and stable team within the organisation.” continues Andy.

The company’s order book demonstrates that this strength and stability has not gone un-noticed by Numac’s customers, many of whom are world leaders in the field of oil & gas engineering, resulting in a record order book currently stretching out to 2015.

Our philosophy is simple:

“Long term planning & investment in both skills and technology are key to delivering results. Our commitment to skills development, coupled with strategic long term investment plans, mean that we are perfectly positioned to provide our customers with the highest quality of product, both now and into the future. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency.”

Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

Investments Lead to Enhanced Accuracy & Efficiency

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Quality & efficiency are two central priorities when it comes to Numac’s shop floor operations. That is why the decision to invest in the new Venture Plus Vision System was an easy one to make.

The new system which will enhance Numac’s testing & inspection facilities, uses a state of the art multi sensing vision system to perform highly accurate (down to 0.5µ) quality inspections .

Furthermore, because the Venture Plus is CNC controlled, it’s activity is highly automated, thus freeing up the operator to liaise more closely with the shop floor, ensuring a more streamlined & efficient process.

“We are delighted with this new addition to our facility  as in addition to improving the efficiency of our processes, it also delivers direct benefits to customers” Explains Andy McLaren MD at Numac Engineering .

Key customer benefits delivered by the Baty Venture Plus Vision System are:

  • Enhanced accuracy on inspection down to 0.5µ
  • Improved dimensional reporting
  • Availability of full dimensional drawings of the actual part being analysed


“We are particularly excited about the new facility to offer customers full dimensional drawings of the actual part being manufactured. This will now be available on request to all customers” continues Andy “Thus allowing decisions to be made based on 100% accurate information”

A further benefit of the investment is to improve the efficiency of highly skilled shop floor engineers.

In the current climate, where recruiting skilled employees is a challenge, the new inspection systems will result in efficiency savings equivalent to an additional machine operator, further enhancing our ability to deliver for our clients.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Numac Go from Strength to Strength

It is often said that “quality breeds success”. This is a philosophy which drives Numac’s business, and one that is proving to be true at the moment with the focus over the last 12 months being planned growth in capacity to manage the increasing demand currently being experienced.

“Obviously we hate turning work down” says Andrew McLaren, MD at Numac “So we need to ensure that we have the capacity to deliver customer requirements at world class levels of quality.”

Through this approach of continually reviewing & developing capacity, Numac have seen staffing levels increase 45% in 2011 including the appointment of Mick Fletcher as Commercial Manager, to co-ordinate our relationships with our growing client base. Numac have also invested in 2 new state of the art Mazak machining centres (a Megaturn Nexus 900, and a Nexus 200 MY).

Through these investments, Numac continue to be perfectly positioned to meet the high expectations of their customers into 2012 and beyond.

“We are delighted with our performance over the past year, and look forward to working with a growing number of clients in the coming months. In these times when most economic news seems downbeat, it is great to be able to buck the trend. An achievement that I put down to the hard work & dedication of our staff” added Andrew.

Numac are now expanding their night shift with plans in place to run a full night shift later in the year if orders increase as anticipated through the next 12 months.

Our philosophy is simple:

“In these prolonged difficult economic times, Numac continues to succeed and invest in the latest technology and in the skills of our staff to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality of product. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency.”

Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

You will find more about the Nexus Magaturn here on the Numac Blog.


20 Years of Numac

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Numac is celebrating its 20th year of production this month; that’s two decades of high quality engineering services, with the expectation that we will continue to grow and invest in our state of the art manufacturing facility for years to come. With thoughts of Numac’s formation, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at what happened over the past 20 years.

Numac in 1991
In 1991 we saw:

  • Bryan Adams – No 1 for a record 16 weeks
  • PC World opened their first store
  • The end of the Cold War & the Soviet Union
  • Dances with Wolves win 7 Oscars
  • The dissolution of the Warsaw Pact
  • The deaths of David Lean, Robert Maxwell, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis & Freddie Mercury
  • The World Wide Web launched on the 6th August

Numac Engineering in 1991

And we also saw rioting, recession and a conflict in the Middle East – which goes to show that some things never change!                                                                                                       

Mazak Megaturn

There has however been plenty of change in the manufacturing industry with CNC engineering making huge strides to the point where it is now the standard.

We have also seen a major increase in companies looking to reduce manufacturing costs through offshoring to China. At the same time, quality and the need to get it right at the first time has become a priority; areas in which Numac excel.


Mazatrol Matrix Nexus

In parallel with these changes, over the past 20 years Numac has developed extensive experience in industries like oil & gas exploration & nuclear power generation, where failure is not an option.

Couple this with a focus on quality and experience in working with in exotic alloys and you can see why Numac Engineering is now one of the leading specialist engineering compnies in these fields in the North West.

Numac’s equipment has also seen significant developments over the past 20 years with continuous investment in machinery ensuring that customers always have access to the latest technologies & efficiencies afforded by new technologies.

This is exemplified by the recent installation of our latest Nexus Megaturn machining center. Installed last month, and with reduced costs, improved environmental performace and extended working parameters this is already delivering benefits to customers.