A Case Study – Well Head Connector Pin for the Oil & Gas Industry

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challengeThe Challenge
Numac’s client (a major player in the oil & gas industry) had a requirement for a series of well head connector pins for use on wells across the globe.

The pin needed to be manufactured to exacting standards & capable of withstanding the harsh environments associated with the industry. Furthermore although the manufacture of the component required a number of specialist manufacturing processes, the client wanted one organisation to take total responsibility for the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

The Process
Numac Engineering was happy to take on this responsibility, and undertook the manufacturing of the component as follows:

Starting with an AISI 4140 Chromium-Molybdenum low alloy steel billet the manufacturing process had 6 key stages:

1.    Initial machining of the component
2.    Application of a Hard Chrome Plate – External Process
3.    Grinding
4.    Application of a phosphate coating – External Process
5.    Finishing
6.    Quality Checks/Packaging

Stages 1, 3, 5 and 6 are carried out directly by Numac, with stages 2 and 4 being outsourced to specialist partners, with Numac taking responsibility for managing the entire process including the external operations, and managing the quality throughout.

The Result
By subcontracting specialist processes to trusted partners, Numac are able to ensure that all steps in the process were carried out by experts, whilst at the same time ensuring that the efficiency of the process was maximised.

Furthermore, Numac’s experience and quality control expertise ensured that this approach did not compromise the quality of the finished item whilst at the same time simplifying the buying process for their client by offering only one point of contact in the supply chain.

Following the first delivery late last year, this approach and the resulting high quality of the components delivered has given the client the confidence to commit to an order for regular deliveries until 2015.



Our philosophy is simple:

“In these prolonged difficult economic times, Numac continues to succeed and invest in the latest technology and in the skills of our staff to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality of product. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency. This case demonstrates that this philosophy delivers real benefits to our customers.”


Andrew McLaren
MD Numac Engineering Ltd

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