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Numac Delivers Whatever the Project

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Numac Engineering is continually growing and developing, investing in the latest technology to stay one step ahead of industry needs. Yet the service the team offers remains as personalised to every individual client and project as on the day Numac welcomed its first customer 25 years ago.

nov-email-1Although the spectrum of what Numac can provide has never been greater, whatever a client’s requirements – whatever the material, the size of the components or the volume of the batch wanted – Numac can deliver a high-quality tailored solution.

Whatever the material

As well as extensive experience and knowledge of using common materials such as stainless steel of all grades, Numac has increasingly been working with clients to produce specialist, low-volume components in highly exotic materials, including titanium, Hastelloy and nickel alloys such as Incoloy. Given Numac’s highly successful track record with these projects, the team is confident that if anyone can machine it, they can – and they would be delighted to assist with requests for components in any material of this nature.

Leading technology

Requirements for specialist projects of this nature inherently call for manufacturing in low volumes, sometimes only one or two pieces. The ability to deliver small batches of this kind demands high levels of quality control, skill and efficiency. Numac has already invested heavily in the technology, specifically CNC equipment and machine tools from the globally renowned Mazak brand, and the development of production techniques to ensure this is achieved every time. Of course, batches of all sizes, including very high volumes, benefit from these state-of-the-art facilities and ultra-efficient processes.

nov-email-2Large or small

Numac’s superior machine range allows the creation of components in the full size spectrum from just 6mm to 600mm, and anywhere in between.

Components manufactured by Numac are frequently deployed in very challenging, hostile environments, such as in sub-sea applications in the oil and gas industry. Failure or damage under these circumstances can be catastrophic as well as extremely costly, so quality is always at the forefront of Numac’s work, whatever field the project is destined for. Numac is certified to ISO9001:2008 and exacting standards remain paramount within every individual job, on any scale.

Tailored service

Numac is proud to have the processes, equipment and expertise to be able to offer a personalised and flexible service whilst completing all projects at the same optimum level. Depending on what is needed, the team can take total responsibility for the manufacture of components, work alongside the client to establish and deliver to customised specifications, and work with specially selected expert sub-contractors to manage an entire project in the most efficient way possible.