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Numac Continues to Invest in People and Machinery

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

feb15These are difficult times for the oil & gas industry. Everyone has read the headlines about falling oil prices, and heard the political debates about the UK’s dependence on different energy sources, which are growing louder in the run-up to the General Election. Those within the sector are seeing the supply chain being squeezed amid fears of an uncertain future.

Against this global and national backdrop, Numac is continuing to strengthen its own offering, building on solid foundations with further investment in its facilities, machinery and people.

Technology for the future

The company has recently taken possession of a key new piece of equipment – a high-performance, large-capacity Bridgeport Hardinge XR 1000 vertical machining centre. This quality, robust machine boasts cutting-edge spindle technology, giving optimum power and reliability to machine the toughest materials. It replaces Numac’s 15-year-old equivalent and ensures that the companies machining capacity is kept bang up to date, ensuring reliably and efficiency at higher volumes and top quality that the company calls for.


New apprentice Josh Malpus

Building the team

Numac is also delighted to be welcoming our new apprentice Josh Malpus onto the team this month, marking the continuation of the hugely successful modern apprenticeship scheme it has run over the past decade. This is an integral part of the company’s ongoing investment in people and has brought great benefits.

It is 20 years since Numac took on its first apprentice, and now half of the firm’s workforce started out in this way. First-class on-site training and experience using Numac’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities gives these engineers both top-level, specialist technical expertise and an unparalleled understanding of the company’s work and standards.

Expansion plans

Numac’s management team is currently finalising plans for further significant investment in a new production office over the next six months. With the overall performance and offering of the company always at the forefront, this move is intended to improve integration between the production office and shop floor.