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Numac Delivers Complete Package for Leading Vacuum Pump Company

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

busch_pump_shaft_photo_smNumac is proud to have been able to deliver a complete solution in its provision of pump shafts for a leading international pump manufacturer, producing the highest quality components alongside improved efficiency and cost reductions.

One-stop solution

The client has a strong global presence, manufacturing vacuum pumps and systems for a vast range of industries and applications from medical and packaging to automation and the energy sector. The company turned to Numac when it had a need for a family of stainless steel pump shafts. Numac’s specialist expertise and experience in the field meant it could take care of every element of this requirement, taking on production of the entire family of components and managing all the specifications and drawings.

Optimum results for every client

Numac assuming responsibility for the project in this manner allowed the whole process to be streamlined, cutting out the time and effort wasted in going back and forth between different suppliers, and ensuring total consistency of approach and quality. The client has built an impressive reputation on offering the optimum design for the needs of every individual customer, and had the complete assurance in working with Numac of knowing its high skills level, ethos and standards were shared.

Greater efficiency, lower costs

With Numac managing production of each component within the family, the client can draw on the exact combination required at any given time, receiving mixed batches as required without incurring waste or additional cost.

This increased efficiency across the board means exceptional results can be achieved at lower costs, which in turn makes increased volumes more economical.