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20 Years of Numac

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Numac is celebrating its 20th year of production this month; that’s two decades of high quality engineering services, with the expectation that we will continue to grow and invest in our state of the art manufacturing facility for years to come. With thoughts of Numac’s formation, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at what happened over the past 20 years.

Numac in 1991
In 1991 we saw:

  • Bryan Adams – No 1 for a record 16 weeks
  • PC World opened their first store
  • The end of the Cold War & the Soviet Union
  • Dances with Wolves win 7 Oscars
  • The dissolution of the Warsaw Pact
  • The deaths of David Lean, Robert Maxwell, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis & Freddie Mercury
  • The World Wide Web launched on the 6th August

Numac Engineering in 1991

And we also saw rioting, recession and a conflict in the Middle East – which goes to show that some things never change!                                                                                                       

Mazak Megaturn

There has however been plenty of change in the manufacturing industry with CNC engineering making huge strides to the point where it is now the standard.

We have also seen a major increase in companies looking to reduce manufacturing costs through offshoring to China. At the same time, quality and the need to get it right at the first time has become a priority; areas in which Numac excel.


Mazatrol Matrix Nexus

In parallel with these changes, over the past 20 years Numac has developed extensive experience in industries like oil & gas exploration & nuclear power generation, where failure is not an option.

Couple this with a focus on quality and experience in working with in exotic alloys and you can see why Numac Engineering is now one of the leading specialist engineering compnies in these fields in the North West.

Numac’s equipment has also seen significant developments over the past 20 years with continuous investment in machinery ensuring that customers always have access to the latest technologies & efficiencies afforded by new technologies.

This is exemplified by the recent installation of our latest Nexus Megaturn machining center. Installed last month, and with reduced costs, improved environmental performace and extended working parameters this is already delivering benefits to customers.