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Numac Invest in State of the Art CNC Turning Centre

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Even in this harsh economic climate, Numac is continuing to grow and invest in the newest machinery to maintain their state of the art manufacturing facility in the North West of England.

The Mazak Megaturn Nexus 900 is the new generation CNC vertical turning centre, designed efficiently for heavy-duty cutting. It’s a new, bigger machine that expands capacity and allows work on larger pieces, with more accuracy and dedication to quality. It replaces our old machine as we continue in our commitment to invest in the latest technology.

Numac is also committed to addressing environmental impact, which has always been an important area. This new tool utilizes a high efficiency lubrication system that reduces oil consumption more than 90% when compared to other systems.

Full details of the capabilities of this new machine can be found on the Mazak website.

You will also find further details of Numac’s experience on their website:

The new machine will expand capacity, and allow us to work on project that to date would have been outside of our core capabilities.

“We always have the idea of delivering maximum quality & value to our customers” Explained Andy McLaren, MD at Numac “And it is with this in mind that we have made this latest investment. It will allow us to meet a wider range of customers requirements, and deliver a truly competitive service without compromising on quality.”

In addition to the installation of the new machine tool, Numac continue to look to the future in other areas too.  Currently training up two apprentices and running a series of continuous training programmes with more experienced staff, Numac are committed to ensuring that they have a highly skilled work force equipped to support their customers, whatever their requirements.

“In these prolonged difficult economic times, Numac continues to succeed and invest in the latest technology to ensure we deliver to our customers with the highest quality of product. With experienced staff working around the clock, customer requirements are quickly met with efficiency.”

Andrew McLaren

MD Numac Engineering Ltd


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