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Numac to offer PMI as Standard

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

For many of the industries in which Numac specialise, including petrochemical and oil and Gas, the emphasis on safety and accident prevention has never been greater with increased public scrutiny, stepped-up industrial safety regulations, and more stringent OSHA oversight and fines.  This means that positive material identification (PMI) in alloys used in components throughout the physical plant is no longer a choice, but a necessity.  Simply relying on spot testing of parts and subassemblies is too risky and totally unacceptable.  Today’s best practices include 100% positive material testing of all critical materials.

xl2Historically, Numac have bought in this facility as and when it was needed to fulfil a contract. However, as part of their commitment to quality, they have taken the decision to invest in the technology, and bring the PMI process in house, allowing Numac to offer PMI on all projects, irrespective of contract conditions.

In future Numac will handle PMI using the XRF XL2. Produced by Niton (Market Leaders in PMI Technology) the XRF XL2 use  x-ray fluorescence to confirm the chemical makeup of any material through a simple process of “point & Shoot”.

“For many years we have offered this facility when it was demanded by the client, but we now feel that offering it as standard on all our projects is an obvious next step in our continued focus on quality” Explains Andy McLaren, MD at Numac Engineering. “This is a significant investment for us, but it means that we will have greater control over the analysis process, and will be able to offer it to all our clients as standard”.

“Working with exotic materials in high stress environments like those in the petrochemical and  oil & gas industries requires continual focus on quality. This is why Numac maintains a continued commitment to investment in the lastest state of the art tools and process management systems.”

Andrew McLaren

MD Numac Engineering Ltd