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Investment in the Tricorn MRP System

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

As a hi-tech engineering company, Numac are continually striving to enhance their levels of quality & efficiency.

Given that many of our products are used in harsh environments on critical applications where failure can be catastrophic, our quality has to be second to none.

Maintaining this quality, and still being able to offer a competitive service, means that our production management must be state of the art.

With this in mind, we have now invested in an upgraded production planning system from Tricorn.

Because the new system handles the process from enquiry to delivery, it offers significant benefits throughout the process:


  • Faster quotations, reducing the decision time on component sourcing
  • Accurate costings from client CAD, drawing direct from production history
  • Streamlined production & administration, reducing lead times & costs
  • Integration across the organisation from quotation to invoicing, reducing duplicated effort & improving availability of information through the company.

The result is significantly enhanced process management, further enhancing quality, and reducing lead times & improving cost effectiveness.

“This significant investment will allow Numac to continue to grow, whilst at the same time maintaining its unrivalled quality, and continuing to enhance the value that it adds to our customers processes”


Andrew McLaren

MD Numac Engineering Ltd